Published 2019-10-02
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AN ALTERNATIVE TO SOLITAIRE, CHESS OR MINESWEEPER StratEvade is a turn-based strategy evasion game. The object of the game is for the PLAYER to trek across a large GRID to an EXIT while being pursued by an ever increasing number of spawned KILLERS. The PLAYER may set BARRIERS and MINES to block and destroy the pursuing KILLERS. The number of spawned KILLERS and available MINES is determined by the selected DIFFICULTY level.


- PLAYER moves one square each turn using the arrow buttons/keys - PLAYER may stay in place by pressing the S button/key - After PLAYER moves, a KILLER is spawned at a random location - KILLERS will move one square toward PLAYER on each turn - If a KILLER contacts the PLAYER, PLAYER is destroyed - PLAYER may create a BARRIER by pressing the B button/key - PLAYER may create a MINE by pressing the M button/key - If a KILLER crosses a MINE, that KILLER is destroyed - PLAYER may safely cross MINES